What Makes You A Natural Born Artist?

In the last discussion in the 2018 natural artist conference, practice and learning receive a highlight. But when you think about it, it is not often the case for those talented ones. Some people are born artists, and they do not put too much effort into doing anything. For them, things flow naturally. But what makes them natural born artists?

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They Find Appreciation In Others’ Work – Yes, natural-born artists are always appreciative. It is a common trait that separates them from learners. Real artists see the beauty of art regardless of who made it and what the purpose of it is. They always look for a connection to people and their work as it gives them ideas as well.

They Enjoy Every Beginning Of Their Work – An artist believes that satisfaction comes with accomplishments. However, natural-born artists enjoy every step of the process. They invest everything in the beginning because these people understand the value of putting effort. Not only for the expected return of what they do but also in the fulfillment they have within the journey of their creation.

They Love And Criticize Their Work – Natural born artists don’t find happiness in compliments. Honestly, they love their work more than anything. But they are also the number one critic of their work. They have this sensitivity for perfection that no one would understand. These people often convince themselves that there is no room for imperfections, and making things with less passion is never good enough.

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They Care More About Expression Than Money – Yes, it may seem a cliché, but natural born artists are dedicated to their masterpiece. That is regardless of not gaining monetary returns. Almost all of them only care about expressing themselves through their art. These people believe that the purpose of their passion is sharing through creativity.


4 Perquisites Of Getting Plaques Made By A Reputable Company

The feeling that you have accomplished something fantastic, something more substantial than life, becomes validated when you begin receiving trophies and plaques that can be proud of. Not everyone gets the opportunity to obtain more than a thumb’s up for a job they have done well, after all. Thus, any simple token of appreciation that is specially made for you should be cherished.

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Likewise, one brilliant crafter that does not often get credit for their beautiful works but is truly worthy of their plaque is Award Masters Inc. It is an expert company in Pensacola, Florida. They can produce various kinds of corporate awards, trophies, name tags, plaques, and promotional products using diverse raw materials. Thus, their clientele can go beyond the corporations and reach the academe and sports competitions, among others.

Read on to recognize the four perquisites of hiring the services of Award Masters Inc.

1. Utilizes A Lot Of Mediums

Different events call for different plaque or tablet mediums. For instance, if they are going to be given out in a beauty pageant, the glass material is more attractive than the wood. But if the awarding ceremony has a classic vibe to it, the wooden or metallic medium will be appropriate for the occasion. All of these unique canvases can get utilized by Award Masters Inc., as well as Corian and stone. That’s why the customers will have a lot of mediums to choose from.

2. Has High-Class Engraving Equipment

The awardee should be able to have high regard for the trophy or plaque that they have received – and not wince every time they see the writing on it. Hence, the company has invested in a high-grade engraving machine that makes impressions on the material in several ways with the help of heat, diamond, laser, et cetera. What this entails is that Award Masters Inc. can mechanically engrave names, dates, or full paragraphs on any medium with less human error.

3. Communicates Well With Customers

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Potential clients will not have a hard time discussing what they want to happen with their orders. After all, the company initially offers four communication routes: e-mail, fax, phone, and mail. In case the customers are more comfortable to speak about the matter in person, Award Masters Inc. can send over a skilled representative who can show them their options. When they agree on the materials, the art department of the company can step up and suggest various designs for the plaque, trophy, or promotional gifts.

4. Ships Globally

Lastly, it is not a problem now if you are in the United States or on the other side of the world. You see, Award Masters Inc. does not discriminate on their clients’ locations. Though they generally make the shipment with UPS, they are open to having the items transported by other delivery companies.

Final Thoughts

Is there still an ounce of uncertainty left in your mind regarding the beauty of hiring the services of Award Masters Inc.? Once you have paid your dues and told the experts how you want the awards to come out, you can wait for the delivery.


Billionaire Business Magnate George Soros Helped 7 District Attorney Candidates

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George Soros, a billionaire investor, is far interested in donating a few of his riches to help reform the American justice system instead of continuing to provide to various political candidates.

To be specific, George has given over three million dollars to a 2016 campaign of seven district attorneys within six states. You may remember that the billionaire sponsor is a huge supporter of improving the justice system in the United States. He has provided financial assistance to those who are from Hispanic or African-American descent and have similar goals as Soros. 

One of the aspects that George Soros is most concerned about is a fair conviction to drug violators regardless of the race they belong to. According to the business magnate, such individuals should be sent to rehabilitation programs rather than subjecting them to court proceedings.e

George Soros’ donation becomes a stepping stone for the minority to vie for the prosecutor’s position, which a lot of veterans are still holding up to this day. In an interview provided by Emerge America’s President Andrea Dew Steele, she talked about the importance of having a trustworthy person take the said role within the system.

Where George Soros Focused His Wealth

The district attorney candidates who have received his support are in Texas, Illinois, Mississippi, Florida, New Mexico, and Louisiana. George Soros backed their campaigns via his 527 groups, as well as super PACs statewide. Aside from the fact that each member of the former has their name derived from Safety and Justice, they have mostly gotten financed by the billionaire himself based on public records. Other funds have come from non-profit organizations.

The first sponsorship has gone to Illinois. Then, it went to Florida, where Aramis Ayala has been given 1.4 million dollars to boost her drive to promote equality towards the defendants who have committed similar crimes irrespective of lineage.

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After that, George Soros’ financial aid has redirected to Mississippi and Louisiana, particularly in several counties in these two states. After that, he funded the races of Kim Foxx from Chicago’s Cook County and Raul Torrez of Albuquerque’s Bernalillo County.

How George Soros Decided On These Candidates

All of the runners that George Soros supported come from the Democratic Party. However, it was not easy to discover public attorneys who were worthy of getting financially backed by large progressive groups.

Organizations that look for reformations on criminal justice procedures like the Open Societies Foundation of Soros often search for candidates as well who have the same goals as theirs. A research conducted by the Reflective Democracy Campaign in 2015 gathered that white males generally get elected as prosecutors. This idea has probably driven other institutions to assist other aspirants for their cause.

Final Thoughts

The amount of money that George Soros invested in his candidates, perhaps amounted to millions. Though some people might say that that’s nothing for the billionaire, it was a massive deal for sure for the man. It meant that he genuinely believed in those people, to the extent that he decided to fund their candidacy. 

As it turns out, America’s justice system is transforming slowly but surely.

Recounting The Look Of Fox News’ Latest Studio For The 2016 Election Coverage

The phenomenal political battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Presidential runners of the Democratic and Republican parties, ended a couple of years ago. The latter was elected to succeed Barack Obama as the 45th Head of the United States come January 2017. The entire world continues to give their forecasts regarding how a Trump Presidency can affect the financial industry since then. He had made several comments and regulations as well that some individuals frowned upon. 

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Nevertheless, the 2016 election was such a hot topic that every small and big broadcasting corporation wanted to cover it. One of them was Fox News, one of the most stable multimedia companies. They were so invested in the battle between Clinton and Trump, to the extent that they made a studio where they could talk about it. 

Let us take a look once more to the multimillion-dollar Fox News studio that the company started building last year mainly for this historic event. Continue reading “Recounting The Look Of Fox News’ Latest Studio For The 2016 Election Coverage”

Gifts To Bring During A Bridal Shower

There is this one moment in a bride’s pre-wedding life when she does not have to worry about church preparations, catering service, gowns, and tuxedos for the members of the entourage. In this single event, all she has to do is to sit back, watch, enjoy, and have her last fun as a single woman. What I am talking about is the bridal shower.

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Like a stag party, a bridal shower is organized by the best gal pals or the bridesmaids of the wife-to-be to celebrate her upcoming wedding. It serves as somewhat the ladies’ formal send-off party before she embarks on a lifelong journey as a married woman.

This is the time when the girls commonly go club-hopping, partying, and, of course, giving gifts to the celebrant until the sun comes out. The first two parts of the festivity are quite easy to fulfill. However, the problem arises on the hosts’ and attendees’ side because they can’t seem to find the best gift for the bride.

The friends and female relatives are supposed to “shower” the bride-to-be with lovely presents that she can use after she ties the knot. The thing is, some women can’t settle on giving her what most brides get on their bridal showers. E.g., sexy lingerie, silverware, and vases.

Well, it is your lucky day because there are exceptional gifts that you can give to your soon-to-be-married lady friend. Some of them are:

Digital Photo Album

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Yes, you read it right. Technological innovation does not end at robots and artificial intelligence. It can also spread out to the usual things, which are mostly seen in paper form, and a photo album is not an exemption to this. You can give the bride-to-be a digital version of this, which you can pre-load with her pictures with her loved ones. The cool thing about this gift is that she can turn it on, and all the photos will play in a slideshow. Thus, she and her husband can relax and reminisce.

Personalized Stuff

Women are suckers for anything custom-made so that you can add this to your prospective gifts for your friend. Some may say that this is already common nowadays, but it’s the statement that you put at the object(s) that makes it unique. You can also give her personalized matching stuff that she and her husband can either use or wear at the same time. E.g., shirts, mugs, towels, and maybe even underwear.

Be Poetic

If your friend appreciates well-versed poems, you may want to think of giving a blown-up copy of her favorite poem to her. You can also have it framed so that she can display it in her bureau or hang it on the wall.

Go For The Gold

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If you are the type of gal pal who does not have money issues and wants the newlyweds to enjoy your gift thoroughly, then perhaps you can give them a honeymoon package to the place of their choice. No bride and groom will ever dodge the opportunity to spend days with just the two of them in a unique location. It’s made even sweeter by the fact that they don’t have to pay for anything. Maybe if you do this, they will even have their firstborn named after you. Cool, huh?

Now, you are armed enough with gift ideas for the bridal shower. Have fun, y’all!


Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is a growing trend in the healthcare industry today. It entails the assistance of animals in healing people’s mental ailments.

Therapists Recommend Pet Therapy

Having an animal at home can be a form of healing. Even psychologists recommend the use of pet therapy for some individuals. But what is pet therapy and why is it recommended by health professionals? 

Man wearing checkered polo shirt sitting on the couch sipping on a cup of chocolate with his black cat on his side
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“There is extensive research on whether animal-assisted programs work, and compelling data shows that pets have the ability to relieve stress, anxiety, and provide comfort to patients,” writes Elena Blanco-Suarez Ph.D.

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Animals And Therapists: Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Your shrink isn’t the only one who can help you keep your mental health in check. Therapists have been using animals to complement the help they give their patients. While many of us are already aware of this, a good percentage of people still don’t know about specifics. Here are some facts that you likely didn’t know.

It’s Been Around Longer Than You Think

As a formal field, animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is relatively new. However, we have been using animals to improve people’s mental well-being since the time of the Ancient Greeks. These warriors would make use of horses to try and cheer up their injured comrades.

Later in the 1800s, Florence Nightingale also observed the effect that animals had on people. He surmised that small animals such as birds made good companions for those who were ill. They would help bring down levels of stress and anxiety.

It wasn’t until the 1960s that we saw formal research taking place. The first to do so was Dr. Boris Levinson. While working with young patients with mental impairment, he discovered that his pet dog would have a positive effect on them. These children seemed to be more comfortable socializing with the dog than other people.

Therapy Animals Are Not Service Animals

Is a therapy animal also a service animal? The answer to that is “no.” It can get pretty confusing given that there are many terms related to animals helping one’s well-being. Let’s dissect the three most common words you’ll hear: service animal, emotional support animal, and therapy animal.

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Service animals are those assigned to people with specific needs and have certain privileges granted by local governments. They’re trained to perform specific tasks to aid their owners. The most common example of this is a guide dog for the blind. Another is a psychiatric dog performs taught deep pressure therapy (DPT). DPT is a task wherein they use their body weight and warmth to ease their owner’s anxiety in case of a panic attack.

Meanwhile, emotional support animals (ESAs) do not require any training. Because of the lack of restrictions, not all ESAs exhibit good behavior. While they may serve as a calming presence for their owners, they can be disruptive or harmful to others. They also don’t have the same exclusive rights that service animals have, such as being allowed into different establishments. “College students today are facing a great deal of stress and emotional support animals may help some students,” said Phyllis Erdman, PhD. “We hope our study can serve as a guide for colleges and universities to develop policies that help students thrive.”

Lastly, therapy animals go through training, but not the same type as their service counterparts. They’re more sociable since they mostly work in a group environment. Their roles vary from providing comfort to the sick to giving kids the confidence to read. Additionally, unlike service animals, they typically help other people instead of just their owner. “The effects of the pet therapy are measurable, as seen by an increase in the release of endorphins in the person interacting with the animal. Endorphins are brain chemicals that are released and make you feel good,” Elena Blanco-Suarez Ph.D. wrote.

The First Therapy Animal Was A Dog

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Man’s best friend was also his first animal therapist. Smoky the tiny Yorkshire Terrier is the first documented case where psychologists made use of an animal to deal with people’s well-being. Smoky walked alongside nurses in New Guinea, keeping World War II victims company.

Dogs Are The Most Common Therapy Animals; Horses Are Second

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If dogs are #1, who’s second? Sorry for our feline friends but horses go home with the silver medal. Equine therapy helps improve both mental and physical health. Miniature horses have become very popular because of their size. Their small and cute stature makes it possible for them to visit patients in hospitals and kids at daycare. This trend gives us all the more reason to ask for a pony next Christmas.

According to Tori Rodriguez, MA, LPC, “Dogs are the most commonly used animals in such teams, accounting for 94% of those registered the organization, which also evaluates potential AAT animals from eight additional species: cats, horses, rabbits, pigs, birds, llamas and alpacas, guinea pigs and rats.”

Therapy Animals Help Treat Several Conditions – Including PTSD

Our therapy friends can assist in treating several different kinds of conditions. Research with those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) shows positive results. Those with PTSD seem to improve when therapists give them the task of taking care of animals. It helps them readjust to a healthy life back home.

Final Words

When it comes to therapy animals, they do more than a regular pet would. The idea with animal-assisted therapy is to have animals help people heal in a structured way with an objective in mind. These loveable creatures complement the help that professionals provide. Add in your commitment to better yourself, and you’ll be on the road to a better mental state.

Do Animals Get Depressed?

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Mammals have the same brain wiring as that of humans. Experts say that animals are like humans who can feel. They can be sad, happy and mad as well. But some coincidences reveal that animals die because of depression.  Emotions and behavior of animals can change just like us, and it will depend on how they feel. If they are protective of their family, like humans, they too can feel like us.

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How Do Driverless Cars Lower The Stress Level Of Warehouse Owners

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Three thousand miles – that is the distance that truck drivers cover when they ship goods or possession of people moving from their family home or business establishments in New York to L.A. or vice versa. These places are so far apart that they spend days on the road before reaching their destination.

Of course, several things come to play during a shipment. More often than not, they include money going off to the employees that make sure that all the valuables are intact, as well as the gas consumed. Warehouse owners shed out around $1.592 these days for every mile that the delivery truck covers. Though it may seem cheap, multiplying that to the total distance between the cities mentioned above, that will still cost $4,776.

Salvation, nevertheless, may come from the fact that driverless cars are now powering their way all over the world.

Why Are Driverless Cars Essential?

Self-driving cars are essential mainly because they can help companies gain more money and efficiency than ever. From the figure that we mentioned above, 43% of that goes to the wages and benefits of the drivers. If there are less or no individuals to pay, then warehouses can relish the fruits of their labor even better.

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Unlike drivers who have to take at least eight hours of break daily to follow specific federal regulations on the road, driverless cars can go on about their journey day and night with minimal stops for refueling. It will enable the entrepreneurs to increase their productivity at a reduced cost.

Furthermore, warehouse administrators will find self-driving trucks advantageous since less amount of gas will be consumed in every shipment. Drivers tend to speed up when they are being paid based on the miles they have covered. The faster the car goes, the more energy gets used up.

How Does It Affect The Industry?

How self-driving cars function has been initially displayed in Europe in which a fleet of driverless trucks went all over the continent before getting received at the Port of Rotterdam.

With this innovation, industries can become more organized in meeting their deadlines. It can undoubtedly boost customer experience too since their orders can come quicker. Plus, there may be a price rollback when the producers can curb their expenses.

The problem that driverless cars pose, however, is that many driving professionals might become unemployed due to them. According to the American Trucking Association, approximately 3.5 million of US citizens are truck drivers, and their older age on average may not help them get another job immediately. Apart from that, the termination of these laborers means a loss of revenue for various establishments that have them as their main consumers (e.g., rest stops, freeway diners, gas stations, etc.).

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Would You Give It A Try?

Nonetheless, the positive points about driverless vehicles impressively outweigh the negative ones. The new technology is there to make the transportation of goods speedier, cost-effective, and mostly hassle-free for all parties concerned. This concept of trusting artificial intelligence to do your job may be intimidating at first for a few, but a growing number of companies are all ready to welcome it with an open mind.

Don’t hesitate to give it a try, primarily if it can lower your stress level as a warehouse owner. Good luck!