How To Make Your Family Like Pets

When I was growing up, I was your average farm boy. During school breaks, I would wake up early to help my father feed the dogs, horses, and cattle. If it was time to shave the sheep’s fur, I stayed at the stables, cleaning the area or soothing them. For more than two years, my siblings and I had a pet pig named Porky, which we allowed to stay in the house.


My love for animals developed once I got a little older and took on more farm responsibilities. While my friends looked for part-time jobs at fast-food chains or ice cream parlors, I stayed behind to take care of our livestock. My parents tried to make me do the former, saying they could handle everything by themselves, but I did not budge. I loved farm life; nothing else could compare to it.

However, some changes remained inevitable. Since I always had a thing for technology, my folks encouraged me to apply at the best universities to get my Bachelor’s degree. When I got accepted at UCLA, they threw a party at the farm to celebrate the news. Dad even said, “Don’t worry about your tuition, son. Just get good grades and try to make correct decisions all the time.”


Although I was happy, the college acceptance meant that I had to leave the farm and the life that I had always known. I moved to the East coast the country to take my classes, and I only managed to see my loved ones on long holidays. I missed the farm more after graduation since I had to settle at Silicon Valley and practically make my technological dreams come true. It did not help either that I lived with some friends at a condo that did not allow pets inside.

The Revelation

I followed the same mundane routine for years until I got married to my long-time girlfriend, Jess. We both came from prominent families, so it was natural for us to buy a large house that we could fill with at least four children someday soon. Searching for the perfect property within our budget was a breeze, considering we had similar tastes in aesthetics and land size.


If there was one thing that my wife and I had never-ending discussions over, it was my desire to have pets at home. I said I wanted a massive dog (like a Belgian Malinois or German Shepherd) to protect our little family and handle the kids’ roughhousing, but she told me that it won’t ever happen. My wife also uttered, “You never mentioned that you wanted to have pets when still dating. Why start now?”

Making The Family Like Pets

To be fair to my wife, she did not grow up around animals. Thus, I could understand her hesitation and fear of living with them. But it did not entail that I would give up my dream of having some in the property. The experience taught me about effective communication and emotional growth, so I wished for my future kids’ formation years to be not too different from mine.

These are some tips that my friends who used to have the same issues gave to me:


Get A Trained Pet

The first thing you should do is pick up an animal that has already been trained to behave. It should not be too challenging, especially when you know the breeder. You may ask them to teach the dog a few tricks before taking them home so that your family will not freak out too much.

Introduce Your Family To The Animals On A Great Day

No matter how behaved you think your new pet can be, your spouse will not care about it if they have had a depressing day. It will also not work if the animal is the first thing that your children see after a nap. Their brains are too muddled in either circumstance; that’s why you cannot answer them.

With this information under my belt, I waited patiently for the perfect opportunity to knock. I timed it when my wife sold a house at a high-end neighborhood to be too happy to say no to anything. And it was a great idea—my wife let the dog in, albeit reluctantly.


Ensure A Trainer Is Within Reach

Another great idea was making sure that the dog trainer was in the room when the pet and my family met for the first time. Doing so helped my spouse to feel less scared about the dog’s presence. She could ask questions about the animals that you bought for the house.  

Final Thoughts 

When I brought Baxter the Belgian Malinois to the house, my wife freaked out so much that she ran to the bathroom and locked it. Her message was clear: “Take it out of the house or else…” But once I did everything mentioned above, my family started warming up to the dogs. Wasn’t that wonderful?

4 Perquisites Of Getting Plaques Made By A Reputable Company

The feeling that you have accomplished something fantastic, something more substantial than life, becomes validated when you begin receiving trophies and plaques that can be proud of. Not everyone gets the opportunity to obtain more than a thumb’s up for a job they have done well, after all. Thus, any simple token of appreciation that is specially made for you should be cherished.


Likewise, one brilliant crafter that does not often get credit for their beautiful works but is truly worthy of their plaque is Award Masters Inc. It is an expert company in Pensacola, Florida. They can produce various kinds of corporate awards, trophies, name tags, plaques, and promotional products using diverse raw materials. Thus, their clientele can go beyond the corporations and reach the academe and sports competitions, among others.

Read on to recognize the four perquisites of hiring the services of Award Masters Inc.

1. Utilizes A Lot Of Mediums

Different events call for different plaque or tablet mediums. For instance, if they are going to be given out in a beauty pageant, the glass material is more attractive than the wood. But if the awarding ceremony has a classic vibe to it, the wooden or metallic medium will be appropriate for the occasion. All of these unique canvases can get utilized by Award Masters Inc., as well as Corian and stone. That’s why the customers will have a lot of mediums to choose from.

2. Has High-Class Engraving Equipment

The awardee should be able to have high regard for the trophy or plaque that they have received – and not wince every time they see the writing on it. Hence, the company has invested in a high-grade engraving machine that makes impressions on the material in several ways with the help of heat, diamond, laser, et cetera. What this entails is that Award Masters Inc. can mechanically engrave names, dates, or full paragraphs on any medium with less human error.

3. Communicates Well With Customers


Potential clients will not have a hard time discussing what they want to happen with their orders. After all, the company initially offers four communication routes: e-mail, fax, phone, and mail. In case the customers are more comfortable to speak about the matter in person, Award Masters Inc. can send over a skilled representative who can show them their options. When they agree on the materials, the art department of the company can step up and suggest various designs for the plaque, trophy, or promotional gifts.

4. Ships Globally

Lastly, it is not a problem now if you are in the United States or on the other side of the world. You see, Award Masters Inc. does not discriminate on their clients’ locations. Though they generally make the shipment with UPS, they are open to having the items transported by other delivery companies.

Final Thoughts

Is there still an ounce of uncertainty left in your mind regarding the beauty of hiring the services of Award Masters Inc.? Once you have paid your dues and told the experts how you want the awards to come out, you can wait for the delivery.


Gifts To Bring During A Bridal Shower

There is this one moment in a bride’s pre-wedding life when she does not have to worry about church preparations, catering service, gowns, and tuxedos for the members of the entourage. In this single event, all she has to do is to sit back, watch, enjoy, and have her last fun as a single woman. What I am talking about is the bridal shower.


Like a stag party, a bridal shower is organized by the best gal pals or the bridesmaids of the wife-to-be to celebrate her upcoming wedding. It serves as somewhat the ladies’ formal send-off party before she embarks on a lifelong journey as a married woman.

This is the time when the girls commonly go club-hopping, partying, and, of course, giving gifts to the celebrant until the sun comes out. The first two parts of the festivity are quite easy to fulfill. However, the problem arises on the hosts’ and attendees’ side because they can’t seem to find the best gift for the bride.

The friends and female relatives are supposed to “shower” the bride-to-be with lovely presents that she can use after she ties the knot. The thing is, some women can’t settle on giving her what most brides get on their bridal showers. E.g., sexy lingerie, silverware, and vases.

Well, it is your lucky day because there are exceptional gifts that you can give to your soon-to-be-married lady friend. Some of them are:

Digital Photo Album


Yes, you read it right. Technological innovation does not end at robots and artificial intelligence. It can also spread out to the usual things, which are mostly seen in paper form, and a photo album is not an exemption to this. You can give the bride-to-be a digital version of this, which you can pre-load with her pictures with her loved ones. The cool thing about this gift is that she can turn it on, and all the photos will play in a slideshow. Thus, she and her husband can relax and reminisce.

Personalized Stuff

Women are suckers for anything custom-made so that you can add this to your prospective gifts for your friend. Some may say that this is already common nowadays, but it’s the statement that you put at the object(s) that makes it unique. You can also give her personalized matching stuff that she and her husband can either use or wear at the same time. E.g., shirts, mugs, towels, and maybe even underwear.

Be Poetic

If your friend appreciates well-versed poems, you may want to think of giving a blown-up copy of her favorite poem to her. You can also have it framed so that she can display it in her bureau or hang it on the wall.

Go For The Gold


If you are the type of gal pal who does not have money issues and wants the newlyweds to enjoy your gift thoroughly, then perhaps you can give them a honeymoon package to the place of their choice. No bride and groom will ever dodge the opportunity to spend days with just the two of them in a unique location. It’s made even sweeter by the fact that they don’t have to pay for anything. Maybe if you do this, they will even have their firstborn named after you. Cool, huh?

Now, you are armed enough with gift ideas for the bridal shower. Have fun, y’all!