What Makes You A Natural Born Artist?

In the last discussion in the 2018 natural artist conference, practice and learning receive a highlight. But when you think about it, it is not often the case for those talented ones. Some people are born artists, and they do not put too much effort into doing anything. For them, things flow naturally. But what makes them natural born artists?

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They Find Appreciation In Others’ Work – Yes, natural-born artists are always appreciative. It is a common trait that separates them from learners. Real artists see the beauty of art regardless of who made it and what the purpose of it is. They always look for a connection to people and their work as it gives them ideas as well.

They Enjoy Every Beginning Of Their Work – An artist believes that satisfaction comes with accomplishments. However, natural-born artists enjoy every step of the process. They invest everything in the beginning because these people understand the value of putting effort. Not only for the expected return of what they do but also in the fulfillment they have within the journey of their creation.

They Love And Criticize Their Work – Natural born artists don’t find happiness in compliments. Honestly, they love their work more than anything. But they are also the number one critic of their work. They have this sensitivity for perfection that no one would understand. These people often convince themselves that there is no room for imperfections, and making things with less passion is never good enough.

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They Care More About Expression Than Money – Yes, it may seem a cliché, but natural born artists are dedicated to their masterpiece. That is regardless of not gaining monetary returns. Almost all of them only care about expressing themselves through their art. These people believe that the purpose of their passion is sharing through creativity.


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