Top 5 Strangest Artworks Around The World 

People say art is one of the best ways for you to express yourself. 

However, no matter how good we can be at self-expression, sometimes the message you want to convey isn’t what your audience understands. Despite this, it should never be a hindrance for artists, painters, curators, and exhibitors to continue pursuing their passions all for the love of art.  


 For Art To Be Art 

Have you seen strange-looking art? 

According to Jakob Zaaiman, “For art to be art, it has to be strange and disturbing.” If you think about it, this is partly true because, in the art industry, it’s a challenge to consistently make your craft stand out in an ocean full of other artistic creations.  

But why art?  

For many people, art has been an incredible way to vent their feelings, share their story, and cope with the struggles of life. However, despite us being in the modern age, there are still a lot of people who continue to doubt the amazing effects of art and its impact on society.  


Due to this, a lot of artists continue to create iconic masterpieces to show that art isn’t just all about canvas and a brush. Art is definitely beyond that. Art today has become an avenue to show realities of life and to serve as social experiments to see which ones catch our attention and which ones just get passed by.  


Pretty Is Out, Weird Is In 

If you have enough time to visit art museums and exhibits, you will notice that common artworks aren’t that common anymore. People have grown tired of the typical, fluffy, and pretty artworks that we see everywhere. 

In relation to that, more and more artists have resorted to creating unusual and strange pieces of art, which will definitely make your head turn wanting for more.  

Now, here are a few of the many strange artworks around the world that continue to make an impression to many people, as well as assist artists in telling their own stories:  

  1. The Giant Clothespin Sculpture 

Created by Mehmet Uysal for the Five Seasons Festival, the sculpture continues to make heads turn in Belgium as it is a gigantic clothespin that no one really knows the explanation behind. Whatever it is, we’re pretty sure Uysal wanted to teach people a thing or two about laundry and the environment. 

  1. Turning The Place Over

Situated in Britain, this artwork created by Richard Wilson literally turns heads as a portion of his wall art rotates in different directions. Considered as one of the riskiest artworks commissioned, it continues to be a must-see sight in the UK. 

  1. Big Rig Jig

The Big Rig Jig created by Mike Ross has been known to be a weird piece of artwork which people patronize in the famous city of Las Vegas. The mind behind it decided one day: why not combine two 18-wheeler tanker trucks for people to see? Then the sculpture sprang into being. 

  1. Garden of Earthly Delights

From sculptures, we move into paintings! This oak panel painting done by Hieronymus Bosch is intimidating to look at now and then. However, each glance makes you think even deeper. The painting depicts moral, and sin put together in a given time but with a deep underlying message as well. Considered as one of the “greatest masterpieces” in Renaissance time, the painting still makes its mark in the minds of its viewers. 

  1. Big Yellow Rabbit

Situated in Oreboro, Sweden, this huge 13-meter high yellow rabbit cannot be missed while strolling around the city! Its maker, Florentijn Hofman, made the said sculpture using authentic materials created by their very own local craftsmen.  

 Artworks can really have a significant impact on our lives. It’s just up to us how we’ll take it in and how we’ll use our skills to change the world. 

 Do you have your own favorite weird artwork to share? Tell us about it! 



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