Most Beautiful Birds In The World

The 2019 birds event presents the best experience of the bird-watching venture. Sure, many types of birds have incredible features like dexterity and speed. However, we have the list of fairest birds based on the creatures’ colors, contrast, and display of their beautiful plumage.

Blue Jay – These birds are very recognizable because the male and female species share the same color patterns. They have a distinct crest on the head with cobalt tipped and lavender blue feathers and an exquisite black collar.

Macaw – Aside from being the people’s favorite due to their ability to imitate human speech, these grand parrots of the tropics comes in a wide variety of colors. They are distinguishable due to their vibrant presence. There’s scarlet red, blue, and gold.



Snowy Owl – These grand birds of prey has become movie favorites because of their unforgettable look. These birds have a silky plumage that is white as snow. The males are almost entirely black. The females, on the other hand, have black feathers on their backs and wings.

Keel-Billed Toucan – The birds’ plumage is predominantly black with matching yellow bib. However, these birds’ most distinguishing feature is their beaks. The color is bright lime that edged with blue and orange tone and tipped in cherry red.

Painted Bunting – These birds are considered the most beautiful songbirds in North America. They have a striking sapphire head and ruby breast. The combination of colors truly makes it stand out from other tropical birds.


Flamingo – Of course, these birds are one of fairest among other birds. Not only are they unforgettably pink in color, but they are also very unique. Not all that, these birds entirely dance with their long slender legs, graceful necks, and rosy complexions. These birds represent elegance.

Peacock – These birds top the list due to their magnificent spectacles. These peafowl best serve the definition of extravagance. That is due to the male peacocks’ long neck, tiny head frill crown, and its feathers comparable to a lovely gown.

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