Billionaire Business Magnate George Soros Helped 7 District Attorney Candidates


George Soros, a billionaire investor, is far interested in donating a few of his riches to help reform the American justice system instead of continuing to provide to various political candidates.

To be specific, George has given over three million dollars to a 2016 campaign of seven district attorneys within six states. You may remember that the billionaire sponsor is a huge supporter of improving the justice system in the United States. He has provided financial assistance to those who are from Hispanic or African-American descent and have similar goals as Soros. 

One of the aspects that George Soros is most concerned about is a fair conviction to drug violators regardless of the race they belong to. According to the business magnate, such individuals should be sent to rehabilitation programs rather than subjecting them to court proceedings.e

George Soros’ donation becomes a stepping stone for the minority to vie for the prosecutor’s position, which a lot of veterans are still holding up to this day. In an interview provided by Emerge America’s President Andrea Dew Steele, she talked about the importance of having a trustworthy person take the said role within the system.

Where George Soros Focused His Wealth

The district attorney candidates who have received his support are in Texas, Illinois, Mississippi, Florida, New Mexico, and Louisiana. George Soros backed their campaigns via his 527 groups, as well as super PACs statewide. Aside from the fact that each member of the former has their name derived from Safety and Justice, they have mostly gotten financed by the billionaire himself based on public records. Other funds have come from non-profit organizations.

The first sponsorship has gone to Illinois. Then, it went to Florida, where Aramis Ayala has been given 1.4 million dollars to boost her drive to promote equality towards the defendants who have committed similar crimes irrespective of lineage.


After that, George Soros’ financial aid has redirected to Mississippi and Louisiana, particularly in several counties in these two states. After that, he funded the races of Kim Foxx from Chicago’s Cook County and Raul Torrez of Albuquerque’s Bernalillo County.

How George Soros Decided On These Candidates

All of the runners that George Soros supported come from the Democratic Party. However, it was not easy to discover public attorneys who were worthy of getting financially backed by large progressive groups.

Organizations that look for reformations on criminal justice procedures like the Open Societies Foundation of Soros often search for candidates as well who have the same goals as theirs. A research conducted by the Reflective Democracy Campaign in 2015 gathered that white males generally get elected as prosecutors. This idea has probably driven other institutions to assist other aspirants for their cause.

Final Thoughts

The amount of money that George Soros invested in his candidates, perhaps amounted to millions. Though some people might say that that’s nothing for the billionaire, it was a massive deal for sure for the man. It meant that he genuinely believed in those people, to the extent that he decided to fund their candidacy. 

As it turns out, America’s justice system is transforming slowly but surely.

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