Recounting The Look Of Fox News’ Latest Studio For The 2016 Election Coverage

The phenomenal political battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Presidential runners of the Democratic and Republican parties, ended a couple of years ago. The latter was elected to succeed Barack Obama as the 45th Head of the United States come January 2017. The entire world continues to give their forecasts regarding how a Trump Presidency can affect the financial industry since then. He had made several comments and regulations as well that some individuals frowned upon. 


Nevertheless, the 2016 election was such a hot topic that every small and big broadcasting corporation wanted to cover it. One of them was Fox News, one of the most stable multimedia companies. They were so invested in the battle between Clinton and Trump, to the extent that they made a studio where they could talk about it. 

Let us take a look once more to the multimillion-dollar Fox News studio that the company started building last year mainly for this historic event.

Fox’s latest broadcast room is located in New York’s News Corporation structure. In truth, this space was previously occupied by FedEx and Charles Schwab franchises until the enterprise acquired it and turned into a news branch that cost Fox more than 30,000,000 dollars to construct. 

Although they timed its commemoration to the night that most of the American population were anxiously waiting for the announcement of the upcoming US President, the netizens would like to know:

What High-Technological Effects Were Inside the New Fox News Studio?

Based on the photos released before the 2016 elections, the modifiable windows at the room were the ultimate highlights within the newest studio. It helped the news presenters during that evening to show the real-time reactions of the supporters of both parties. They happened to be right outside the building, where various cameras were fixed.


There was a flat-screen television that stood 31 feet tall in the main space. They installed 33 other touchscreen TVs in the venue as well so that it was effortless to flip through charts, presentations, and whatnot. Only, the biggest monitor received a lot of great feedbacks specifically from the News and Editorial department’s executive vice president, Jay Wallace.

In addition to the windows and TVs, the three desks in the studio were not subpar either. They were crafted from Lucite, another term for acrylic glass. It could withstand the weight of the diverse anchors and guests while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the broadcasting center. From the looks of it, the desks probably came with a hefty price tag, too.

To provide an astounding background for some of the monitors, the staircase leading to the balcony was made out of glass. This location was designed to offer more news distribution space for the Fox reporters as it had another huge LCD as well.

Final Thoughts

It might sound crazy for regular earthlings like us to think that a company would go to such lengths for one election. However, since the events they covered were supposed to go down in history, Fox probably wanted to look their best. 

With all these in mind, who knows what other expensive antics can Fox News pull in the future? 

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